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Blood Quarter_Vampire_George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham

Request non descript NPCs from Three Musketeers movie/book - Richelieu (Vampire sire), Milady De Winter (Vampire), (Charles I), and (James I, a ghost—but he is gone now)
The Duke of Buckingham owns a traveling Renaissance Faire (The Romi Caravan Renaissance Faire). When the gypsy camp settles in an area, they put up the Ren faire for the locals to come out and enjoy.

General Information:

Mun name/nick/handle: Akasha Elfwitch
Mun journal: akashaelfwitch
Yahoo: akasha_elfwitch
E-mail: akashaelfwitchvamp@gmail.com
When you can be reached and preferred method: Email or Yahoo works best

Pup’s name: George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham
Character/Actor: Orlando Bloom’s character from The Three Musketeers
Source: Orlando Bloom as Buckingham and George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham
Birthdate (if known): August 28, 1592—but born into darkness August 23, 1628
Physical info: 5’11, medium brown curly hair, dark brown eyes. It is said he possesses the face of an angel. He is lithe, but has a gymnast’s build. He sometimes wears henna on his hands, arms, and shoulder. He appears to be between the ages of 30-35.


Pup’s location: Gypsy Caravan outside city limits (lives with his Kumpania)
His personal vardo Buckingham Vardo
Pup’s orientation: Bisexual

Pup’s hobbies: horseback riding, hunting, music, sailing, gardening, vampire politics, violin, classical music, debauchery, games of chance, gambling, dancing, festivities, fortune telling, tarot, witchcraft, spying, cloak and dagger games, steampunk, song

Game connections: bq_gabriel Gabriel Aubry is a friend—He has the title of Friend to the vampire organization The Librarians. He often helps with locating and procuring artifacts and is known to be trustworthy within the organization.
What type of play are you willing or NOT willing to do: No animal or child torture, please. Anything else, send me an email, we can talk about it.
Languages spoken: English, French, Spanish, German, Romanian, Wallachian, Romani, (some) Hungarian, (some) Turkish


Brief Bio:
This bio is a combination of both fact and fiction.
For more information George Villiers’ mortal life please visit Wikipedia, George Villiers

In the Past
George Villiers was a favorite of King James I (IV of Scotland) who affectionately called him “Steenie” from a reference to St. Stephen, who is described as having the face of an angel. George gained many favors from King James and moved up the political ladder, becoming Duke of Buckingham in 1623.

Before King James I’s death, Buckingham managed to gain favor from James’ son Charles I. Though Charles did love Buckingham, Villiers’ heart had always belonged to King James and when he died on March 27, 1625, life began to lose its luster. Buckingham took the king’s death to heart and became reckless; some even said he wished to join King James in death.

When George Villiers was assassinated by Lieutenant John Felton at the Greyhound Pub in Portsmouth, England, his life as one of the immortal undead began. He was sired by Cardinal Richelieu who secretly visited England in hopes to stop Villiers before he launched his fleet to France again. The cardinal, upon hearing of Buckingham’s assassination, visited the chamber that held his body as funeral arrangements were prepared.

They had been mortal enemies in life, and Buckingham could not fathom why Richelieu had made him into a creature of the night. George resented being brought into this existence, for now he was forever denied a place at King James’ side in the afterlife. Buckingham threw these aspersions at his sire, but as Buckingham’s sire, Cardinal Richelieu had dominance over Villiers.

Cardinal Richelieu obligated the Duke of Buckingham to change his name, and for a short while he was known as Étienne Langlais-Belle.

It was then that Buckingham understood why Richelieu converted him to a vampire: how else could Richelieu enact his revenge on the duke but to command him as is the given right of sire to childe? Villiers was forced to obey his sire and became little more than a slave to the Cardinal. Buckingham was tortured and punished for his continual display of contempt.

George Villiers’ umbrage over Richelieu came to a head when Buckingham heard of Charles I’s fate. He was to face the gallows after being found guilty of treason. Villiers disobeyed his sire’s orders and left France to try and rescue Charles. However, Richelieu’s guards apprehended Buckingham before he could reach Whitehall palace.

For Buckingham’s defiance, Cardinal Richelieu condemned Villiers to death, stating that ‘Étienne’ was a witch/warlock. (Historically speaking, this was the period of witch trials and it is used in this reference only, not to pass judgment on anyone or their beliefs). Richelieu had one of the high ministers of justice, a man in his late forties by the name of Guy Delvaux – from whom Buckingham had rebuffed advances in the past –pass sentence on the duke. Delvaux, full of resentment and rage, sentenced Buckingham to be burned at the stake.
Buckingham begged his vampire ‘sister’ Milady De Winter to free him, and in return the duke would owe Milady a boon. She agreed and helped Buckingham escape, warning him not to go to England where he would surely be captured again.

The duke escaped France and made it over to the Ottoman Empire, searching for a way to bring back James I. He made friends with the gypsies of Wallachia by saving them from raiders and they took him in, accepting and protecting Buckingham as one of their own. They gave him a new name, Demetrius Dracul, because of his rage and merciless devotion to defeating an enemy.

Cardinal Richelieu hunted Buckingham for some years, but eventually ceased as his men could never defeat the gypsies that guarded the duke. (Richelieu never suspected Milady’s involvement.) The mini war on Villiers caused too much attention from hunters and thus Richelieu gave up pursuit, but he has never given up on the idea that Buckingham is his childe and therefore, belongs to him—for an eternity of servitude.

For centuries, the ghost of King James I followed his “Steenie” as a sort of guardian and companion, able to warn Buckingham of Richelieu’s plots. It is how Villiers was able to evade Richelieu. But the spirit of King James disappeared without a trace sometime in the late 1950’s, and the duke has been desperate to find him ever since, traveling the world following any lead or clue as to what may have happened to his beloved king.


Modern Nights
Villiers has never forgotten how much he loved his life at court, and part of him misses the grandeur of it all. While the vampire court appeals to the duke, he never settled in one court for long because he travelled often with his band of gypsies.

Though the Duke of Buckingham was once known for his capriciousness, vanity, and love of wealth, Buckingham has adapted to the gypsy way of life, collecting coin from fortune telling, dancing, and singing. He lives out of a caravan and moves around the world. Villiers is now considered to be one of the elders of his kumpania, but he does not command the troupe; that Buckingham leaves in the wise hands of the old woman who the duke affectionately calls ‘Baba’.

The kumpania has settled near the bayou, in the outskirts of New Orleans. It has recently moved from Venice Beach, California.

Lord Buckingham owns a pet, a fruit bat he picked up in Egypt named Scotty in honor of his love, James.

George Villiers is known in vampire circles as Villiers, Buckingham, Étienne, Demetrius Dracul, or even “Steenie”—few call him George. He is not an easy vampire to find due to his nomadic lifestyle, but leaving a message with the gypsies is a safe method of getting in touch with Villiers.

It is rumored the duke visits Westminster Abby and the tomb of James I every March to sing him a birthday song and leave a red rose on his grave. There is talk that a man bearing a strong resemblance to the former king resides in the States, and Buckingham has been searching for a man with the aliases of Nick Davis and David Brandt. They say his sire lives in New Orleans, and it’s as good a place as any to hunt for his long lost love.

Buckingham Modern SteamPunk

Buckingham’s Interests
The duke is fond of the steampunk genre and is talented in creating and operating many steam-operated machines. He is working on constructing a mid-Size clockwork bronze dragon to protect him during the day—thus far the project has proved disastrous, but Buckingham is not discouraged—taking careful notes on what went astray and starting from scratch again. (It works like a trap, animated in a sense and trigged by movement, but instead of using electricity it runs on clockwork—windup and steam). When the project is complete, it should be able to trap trespassers that enter the duke’s vardo (caravan).

The Duke of Buckingham owns a Renaissance Faire named Romi Caravan that the gypsies use to entertain tourists and local citizens as a form of legitimate business, and try to avoid being seen as squatters.

Buckingham is a talented dancer—from elegant court dances of England and France to the free-spirited style of the gypsies. He has the voice of an angel and when he sings, it is said that he can enthrall large audiences with the beauty of his song.

Villiers’ time with the gypsies has taught him how to earn coin reading palms and tarot cards, and he enjoys passing time at renaissance faires interacting with the tourists and patrons, telling them their futures or honing his palmistry skills.

Buckingham’s Guardians
The duke is guarded during the day by the gypsies of the camp. They will protect Buckingham (Demetrius Dracul) with their lives and fight any who threaten the safety of the English vampire, but the Romani are not trained fighters. It is their numbers that make them somewhat formidable.


Buckingham’s Friendship to the Librarians
The elder of the gypsy tribe told Villiers of an ancient grimoire said to hold necromantic abilities for those of vampire blood, and that perhaps within that ancient tome Buckingham could find a way to bring back his love—but that it was owned by a powerful and wicked vampire named Enoch.

For many years, Buckingham searched for Enoch’s grimoire, and it was thus the duke fell under the radar of the Librarians. They offered the duke another solution—one not dealing in dark arts—for Enoch’s grimoire had a twin, one from which white necromatic ‘vampiric’ abilities could be learned.

All Buckingham had to do to earn this scroll was employ himself to the organization. Whenever they needed something found or required research, they could call on the duke anytime, anywhere. Buckingham agreed.

When the Librarians offered Villiers the transcript to resurrect James I, he noted with a broken heart that he had just barely missed the deadline to make James a vampire, and it was now forever impossible to bring James back—however, it was not too late to bring back James’ son, Charles I.

The scroll allowed the duke to learn the old ways of creating a vampire by burying him in unhallowed ground and slumbering with Charles in the earth, therefore becoming a sire for the first time. They spent many years together as friends and lovers, but eventually Charles left to find his own way in vampire society.

Charles got involved with vampire politics, and his dream was to become prince of a region. He is now a high ranking official, a Chancellor in the vampire court of London. Charles wanted Buckingham to remain with him, but the duke could not find it in his heart to abandon the gypsies who had devoted themselves to him so loyally. Charles and Buckingham remain very close, but do not travel together anymore.

Buckingham also used the scroll given to him by the Librarians to use his vampire powers to call upon James’ spirit, who once acted as a companion and guardian to the vampire.


George Villiers can be killed by the sun, fire, and decapitation. A stake through the heart will only paralyze him.

Buckingham has supernatural strength, speed, and agility

Buckingham is very acrobatic and dexterous, has great sleight of hand skills; can pick pockets, and locks (electronic and common) with some inventive clockwork devices

Buckingham can fight and knows some martial arts from his travels. He is skilled with bladed weapons, especially a sword, and deadly accurate at throwing daggers. Villiers has knowledge of firearms; he is especially adept with a 357 magnum gun.

Buckingham can communicate telepathically and read thoughts

Buckingham can move objects via telekinesis (open, close, lift, set down, latch, unlatch, etc.)

Buckingham can command the shadows to hide him, almost seeming to disappear as if he were never there, but he cannot pass through solid objects

Buckingham can turn into bat form, but when he does, he loses all other supernatural abilities (strength, speed, agility, etc) except to see in darkness and communicate telepathically. He cannot feed in this form. Only when he returns to his human form do his other supernatural abilities become accessible to him again. He can communicate with bats in or out of this form.

Buckingham can see in pure darkness

Buckingham can climb up walls and ceilings like a spider

Buckingham has supernatural healing and does not scar or maim. He can regenerate (if exposed to moonlight) limbs, fingers, other body parts, but not his head—that brings him the true death.

Buckingham has a fierce gaze capable of frightening someone away (with mun’s permission only)—like giving someone the ‘evil eye’

Buckingham can mask his true emotions, a defense against empaths, but supernaturals can still try to get a sense of the correct emotion (through his scent)

Buckingham can see and speak to ghosts, but cannot help them cross over

Buckingham has the support and loyalty of the gypsies, especially those in his kumpania, they protect him fiercely, but are no warriors.

Buckingham can eat food and drink and has a soft spot for tea--but food does not give him sustenance like blood does.

Buckingham’s natural charm commands attention, but the true ability is that he can ‘glamor’ a mortal he has fed from into forgetting he has fed upon them and insert another memory in its place (a night of shared pleasure, for example)

Buckingham has an angelic voice when he sings. It has moved even Cardinal Richelieu, or so rumor has it


The sun will kill Buckingham if he is left exposed without shelter during the day

Sunlight will burn Buckingham’s skin the moment it touches him

Can be staked—it does not kill Buckingham but leaves the duke paralyzed; however, simple removal of the stake is not enough to bring Villiers to life, he requires the blood of an elder vampire—one older than he—to revive him.

Allergic to wild rose (not regular roses), large quantities can trap him if placed on his sleeping corpse or paralyze him if ingested. The petals and leaves can cause nausea and drowsiness in small quantities.

Silver bullets can cause him pain and cause him to go into torpor immediately if Buckingham is shot in the heart or in the head. Silver-tipped stake causes the duke great pain/aggravated damage while in paralysis. (Silver jewelry or coins normally do not harm him, only when one makes contact with his blood.)

A silver cross is known to cause him great discomfort—in the hands of Cardinal Richelieu (or a priest), it can repel Buckingham back.

Holy water burns him—if applied by Cardinal Richelieu or a priest, it can cause aggravated damage

Needs to sleep with earth from his homeland, England, in a coffin or crypt on nights when the crescent moon is waxing, right before the New Moon.

Can only cross running water on nights with a moon; when there is a new moon, he can only cross when the tide is high/low.

Reflection in a mirror tends to be ghostly

The dagger that John Felton used to end the duke’s mortal life can cause him serious injury in his immortal life—perhaps even kill him, Buckingham isn’t certain and he doesn’t want to find out the hard way

Powerful enemy – Cardinal Richelieu

Owes a boon to Milady De Winter, which she has yet to collect





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